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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 'Retainer' model of Real Acquisitions?

Real Acquisitions is a full service Real Estate brokerage. We work with our clients by providing services, data and consulting expertise on Real Estate transactions. Our clients simply pay us a monthly or annual retainer for the services rendered.

What is so special about the Real Acquisitions' data?

Real Acquisitions allows you to get in touch directly with the motivated sellers! Whatever your profile may be - an agent, broker or investor. There is tremendous advantage to that. Most importantly, you eliminate middle-men who really don't add much value and suck away all the profits in most Real Estate deals. As an agent you can get to thousands of potential listing opportunities.

Where does the Real Acquisitions data come from?

Real Acquisitions is probably the only service provider that gets data directly from the local counties. We have exclusive and direct relationships with apprasal districts, local courts, county clerks, taxing authorities, law-firms, MLS' and many such sources where the actual transaction is recorded. That is why Real Acquisitions clients always have the first movers competitive advantage.

What Help do you have available?

Real Acquisitions has many in-built training video tutorials on how to use the tools on RA. Clients also have access to Real Acquisitions Institute which has many classes on how to use RA(free) as well as various Real Estate investment training (free and paid). Additionally, we host free local face to face classes many times a year. Besides, you are always welcome to call or come by the office.

Will I be impacted by any future price increases?

No. As long as your billing is current, you are always locked at the rate that you registered at.

What do I do with the leads on Distressed Sellers?

You get in touch with the sellers! Send them letters, call them or knock on their doors. Or use an agent to help you with the process.

Do you send out marketing letters for me?

Within Real Acquisitions you have the option of using our templates to create your own letters, download them & then mail on your own.

Do you provide any mentorship or coaching on learning Real Estate investments?

Honestly, we do not really believe in the GURU business. Best learning, in our opinion, is On the Job training. You can, however, partner with us in various capacities & work and learn on our projects. You can bring a wholesale or flip deal to us and we can work it together OR you can become a lender on our Rehab projects and earn high secure returns.

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